Terms and Conditions

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“Operator” means Cyclehoop Limited whose office is at Unit 1 Kangley Industrial Estate, Burnham Way, London, SE26 5AG;

“Council” means the Mayor and Burgesses of the local London Borough whose office can be located on the relevant Local Government website

“Registered Social Landlord” means any Housing Association or other social landlord

“Subscriber” means the individual who pays for and wants to use the Bikelocker and Bikehangar services provided by the Operator and the Council / Registered Social Landlord;

“Bikelocker” and “Bikehangar” means the cycle parking storage where the Subscriber’s bike will be stored;

“Access Key” means the key with which a Bikelocker and Bikehangar can be opened and closed;

“Security Tag” means the tamper proof tag with a unique code, which is to be located under the saddle of the bicycle; and

“Bicycle Depot” means the place where bicycles, which have breached these terms and conditions (e.g. stored without permission, overstay in the Bikelockers and Bikehangars, no payment etc.) are temporarily stored and managed.

  • 1. Term


    1.1 The Bikelocker and Bikehangar services shall be provided from the date that payment is received from the Subscriber and will last for an initial 1 year period.

    1.2 The subscription will be renewed automatically for a further 1 year period until terminated in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  • 2. Cost and pricing


    2.1 The cost of membership will be up to £72 per year and payment will be taken annually in advance as a subscription payment. Any subscription payment made is non-refundable.

    2.2 The Subscriber will be automatically charged the annual amount in full through Stripe at the beginning of each subscription year.  Stripe, a certified PCI compliant platform, provide a fully secure checkout and handle all card transactions on behalf of Cyclehoop.

    2.3 A refundable deposit of £25 for Bikehangar and £20 for Bikelocker will be required for each Access Key. This deposit will be payable at the same time as the first subscription payment.

    2.4 All fees are set by the Operator and are subject to change.

  • 3. use and subscriber's duties


    3.1 Bikelocker and Bikehangar spaces are for the sole use of the Subscriber and are non-transferable. Bikelocker and Bikehangar spaces are only to be used for the storage of a bicycle belonging to or in the care of the Subscriber.  No other accessories or items are to be stored.

    3.2 Each Subscriber is given a designated numbered parking space within the Bikehangar and must only park their bicycle within this space.  Users found to be storing their bicycle in an alternative space will be in breach of these Terms and Conditions and the Operator may remove the bicycle without notice.

    3.3 Only one bicycle per space is permitted.  Users found to be storing more than one bicycle in a space will be in breach of the Terms and Conditions and the unauthorised bicycle may be removed by the Operator without notice.

    3.4 One Security Tag per Bikehangar space will be provided by post to each Subscriber on completion of initial payment. Each bicycle must have a Security Tag visibly attached to the seat post.

    3.5 One Access Key per Bikehangar space will be provided by post to each Subscriber on completion of initial payment. The Subscriber must not attempt to cut spare Access Keys.

    3.6 A maximum of two spaces can be purchased per household (i.e. two spaces per residential address regardless of which of the residents hold the subscriptions). Where a household has purchased more than two Bikelocker or Bikehangar spaces, any additional payments will be refunded to the relevant Subscriber’s bank account minus any associated card and/or transaction fees.

    3.7 Bikelockers and Bikehangars will be accessible 24 hours a day. Care and consideration must be taken in regards to excessive noise or disturbance to neighbouring residents and to reduce this where possible (e.g. when closing the Bikelocker or Bikehangar avoid slamming the door).

    3.8 The Subscriber must read and comply with the user instructions for the Bikelocker or Bikehangar, which will be sent to them via email and will also be available on the Operator’s website.

    3.9 The Subscriber must take all reasonable care when using the Bikelocker or Bikehangar and must avoid damaging it (in particularly during opening, closing and unlocking the handle).

    3.10 The Subscriber must report any damage or maintenance issues to the Operator. Maintenance issues will be rectified by Operator as much as possible.

    3.11 The Operator and the Council / Registered Social Landlord are not responsible for loss and/or damage and/or theft of items stored in the Bikelockers or Bikehangars.  All users will be personally responsible for the insurance of any bicycle stored in the Bikelocker or Bikehangar.  All items are left at the owner’s risk.

    3.12 The Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that their payment is maintained annually and that any arrears are cleared within 14 days.  Once an account falls into arrears, greater than 14 days, Cyclehoop then reserve the right to remove a subscriber’s bicycle with immediate effect and without further notice.

    3.13 The Bikehangar is not recommended for cargo bikes and some accessories such as child seats and front seats which may not fit on occasion. If your bike does not fit, you have 14 days to return the keys for a full refund.

    3.14 As per our Bike Theft Policy, your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in the units.


  • 4. Removals


    4.1 It is prohibited to store any items or goods in the Bikelockers or Bikehangars except bicycles.

    4.2 Any prohibited items will be removed by the Operator and any costs incurred will be borne by the Subscriber. The Subscriber is not entitled to any compensation or the restitution of any goods removed or any damage caused to such goods, including bicycles.

    4.3 A bicycle that has no Security Tag attached and/or has not been parked in the designated numbered parking space, may be removed by the Operator without prior notice from the Bikelocker or Bikehangar and transported to the Bicycle Depot.

    4.4 Removed bicycles will be kept for a maximum of 30 days in the Bicycle Depot and may upon payment of a fine of £20 be collected from the Bicycle Depot. Bicycles which are not collected after 30 days become the property of the Operator.

  • 5. Keys and access


    5.1 In case of loss or theft of an Access Key, the Subscriber must immediately inform the Operator. The Subscriber is responsible for the costs arising from the loss of the Access Key including the creating and issuing of a new Access Key and, if deemed necessary by the Operator, the replacement all Access Keys for all users. Replacements are £25 for a Bikehangar key and £20 for a Bikelocker key, each.

    5.2 All replacement keys must be paid for in advance. Replacement keys are ordered upon receipt of monies only. Replacement keys have a lead time of up to 3 working weeks. Key deposits are refunded upon receipt of key returned to the Operator at the end of a subscription only. Deposit amounts cannot be used to purchase replacement keys.

    5.3 he Operator may at its discretion open the Bikelocker or Bikehangar units for regular maintenance, security or other reasons and will not be obligated to notify the Subscribers.

    5.4 he Operator reserves the right to change the lock to a Bikelocker or Bikehangar at any time.  Where appropriate, a new Access Key will be provided to fully subscribed users.

  • 6. Termination


    6.1 The Subscriber can apply to the Operator to cancel their subscription using the online cancellation portal at least 14 days before the end of the yearly subscription. Automatic subscription payments will be stopped. Any subscription payment that has been made is non-refundable.

    6.2 The Operator will inform the Subscriber up to 7 days before the renewal of the yearly subscription and give notice of the date of the next automatic payment.

    6.3 On termination of the subscription, the Subscriber will return the Access Key to the Operator immediately. It is the Subscriber responsibility to make sure the Access Key is returned. Upon return of the Access Key to the Operator, the Operator shall refund to the Subscriber the Access Key deposit.

    6.4 If the Subscriber fails to return the Access Key to the Operator within five working days from date of termination of the subscription, the Subscriber will forfeit their deposit money.

    6.5       Any additional costs incurred by the Operator to in relation to the failure by the Subscriber to return its Access Keys (including changing the lock of the Bikelocker or Bikehangar and creating and distributing new Access Keys to other subscribers) will be recovered from the Subscriber. The Operator may recover these costs using a bailiff if necessary.

    6.6 Upon termination, Bikelocker and Bikehangar spaces are to be emptied and any bicycles, items or locks not removed will be immediately disposed of by the Operator and costs incurred will be borne by the Subscriber.

    6.7 No partial refunds will be issued if a Subscriber chooses to terminate the agreement part way through the term of their subscription.

    6.8       The Operator may suspend or terminate these services at any time for any reason without notice. In these circumstances, any payments already made may be refunded at the Operator’s discretion.

  • 7. Warranties and disclaimers


    7.1 The Operator provides the services “as is”. To the extent permitted by law, the Operator excludes all warranties, conditions, terms or representations, express or implied, in connection with the services.

    7.2 To the extent permitted by law, the Operator will not be liable for indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages or lost profits, revenues or data and financial losses.

    7.3 To the extent permitted by law, the total liability of the Operator, for any claim under these terms, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), and breach of statutory duty or otherwise, is limited to the amount paid for the services.

  • 8. Data Sharing


    8.1 We may be required to share your personal data, such as name, address, telephone number and email address with the Council / Registered Social Landlord for the purpose of reporting.

  • 9. About these terms


    9.1 The Operator reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice to you, to change these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion. The Terms and Conditions applicable to the services provided will be the version that is current and displayed on this Website. The use of the services after changes are made means that the Subscriber agrees to be bound by such changes.

    9.2 Users found to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions may have their subscription cancelled with immediate effect and this may result in the forfeiture of the Access Key deposit.