Keep your bike safe

Your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in our units. Our units decrease the risk of theft. To keep your bike safe we recommend you lock, register and insure it.

You can purchase on Abus Sold Secure D-lock from our online store here:

Follow these tips to keep your bike as safe as possible

Ensure your location is safe. Make sure your bike is locked to a solid immovable object, in a well-lit non-isolated area and near other bikes. Preferably inside a Bikehangar, BikeLocker or Cycle Hub.

Use two different high-quality locks. This would make it more awkward for thieves as they would have to use different types of tools to remove them. We recommend a two heavy-duty D locks.

Use a heavy-duty D-locks that are Sold Secure rated in line with your insurance. Another rule of thumb, is to buy a lock that costs a third of the value of your bicycle

Lock both the frame and wheels to the cycle parking

Secure your bike as close to the stand as possible. Your bike needs to be difficult to manoeuvre with no leverage points for thieves.

Take any quick release parts with you e.g. quick-release saddles and wheels.

Remove your lights, bags and other accessories.

Register your bike. The sticker will put thieves off. It will also make it easier to find, should it get stolen. You can register it here:

Insure your bike. With theft spiking in the UK it has become more important to insure your bike. We recommend using B Corp certified, cycle insurance specialists Bikmo.